Start a company with a Startup Growth Training Program

XY Academy is a free online program for aspiring entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs with a relevant and effective curriculum based on the expertise of the best experts in their field!


we create

Make your idea better

Refine the idea under the guidance of experts from the XY Academy team.

Improve your skills

Learn from the most relevant and effective curriculum.

Learn how to do business

The XY Academy team will analyze your business and help make it effective.

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- Doina Sirbu Pantaz, founder of

The Pre-Accelerator III: Women Entrepreneurship program caught me on the wave and took me exactly to a destination I never dared to dream of.

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- Ina Podlisnik, founder of VV-Billing

Pre-Accelerator III: Women Entrepreneurship is not only about developing an idea or business, it is about experience, mentors who are ready to offer help, and networking.


Why XY Academy?

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Training program

Founders enjoy a relevant and effective curriculum based on the expertise of the best experts in their field.


Funding and mentoring opportunities to grow your business with XY Accelerator.

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Choosing a mentor

Among the XY Academy team, you can choose a mentor with experience in your field to achieve great results.

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Is there a fee to study at XY Academy?

Education is free, only the idea and desire to create a startup are important.

I don't have a startup yet, is it worth registering?

Of course, it's worth it. It is important to learn how to build a business correctly.

How long and in what format will the training take place?

The training will take place online for six weeks. All lessons are available upon registration.